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Why Get to the Point?

Get to the Point is the premier provider of on-demand situational learning resources. We provide the means to develop the key organizational skill-sets required to drive high levels of performance and deliver measurable business results.

We have an extensive library of key, web-accessible resources covering the most critical subjects in the categories essential to today's fast-paced leaner environment.

You need it...You got it

From any desktop in your organization your employees can on-demand. Click-Learn-Apply. It's effective, powerful and smart.

Who is it for?

Our resources are designed for use by private enterprise, educational institutions, and government entities. Organizations can choose single resources, volume purchases, or license the entire library for pennies per day per employee. Image the potential impact on knowledge, skills, and abilities...on-demand, on time, and on target.

Special Instructions

Digital Books: Some digital resources require you to download a free reader to open the file.

Online Assessments: Require username and password to access.

Click to purchase student workbooks and e-books. Select carefully. There are no refunds on digital downloads.

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Contact Information

Joan Lahti
(214) 613-2582
joan.lahti [at]